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Mind Body Connections Company Director
Tom Paterson 
Dip.  in:
Master Practitioner and Life Coach in NLP, Stress management,  
Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy, Clinical Practices, Adv Body Massage. 

Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy,  Holistic Therapies,  Training and Developing, Coaching and                  Mentoring, Addictions counselling,  
Mind Body Connections Service feedback 
Tom gives guidance and direction to the team that made the running of the company smoother. It identified the areas to work on and what to avoid. The coping skills given were very useful. The second part involving Holistic Therapies, was welcomed by my team greatly.
K. B (manager)
I felt tense and stressed, but after the counselling and Mind coaching really helped me open up and got to the root of the problem.
The Indian head massage reality relaxed and released the tension I felt.
L. B
I found our talk and massage very useful and the tips he gave, I can follow at home too. This was an extra bonus for me.
C. O'B
This treatment was new to me - effective and beneficial. It builds on philosophy / way of life and coping mechanisms. I have more energy again. Feel it is something that needs to be encouraged.
 A C
Tom is very helpful and understanding, and showed me different ways to de-stress. How to do certain exercises for my foot to solve difficulties there too. It was a very beneficial visit. Thank you.
S. H
Tom has given me useful strategies to cope with my feelings of overwealming anxiety. Its a huge relief in finding ways that work so well.
Tom has enabled me to start living my life again, not just coping and getting on with it. I have dealt with big issues  and will now be working on other ones. Thanks.
Felt I benefited greatly from the massage with my lower back pain. I am back to normal now and I have ways to deal with back pains in the future. A big thank you.
J. T
Tom is a very experienced therapist. He really got into the pain. Pain is practically non existent when he finished the treatment.
R. O'N  
I found the talking helpful (about job interviews) and the physio on my shoulder reduced the pain greatly. I was given some excellent exercises to continue my treatment.
J. McC
Information and Contact address :
Mind Body Connections
North Ayrshire,
KA30 9BD
07765 527 422 / 01475 674333
or contact through the web sight
We deliver our unique service on location or to business setting, to provide an effective result . Just call now for an appointment  booking;
Mon - Fri: 10AM  till 5PM; Welcoming easily made evenings appointments for Holistic Therapies and Life Coaching.
Sat: 10AM - 5PM for  easily made appointments for M.B.C. and Life Coaching.
Flexible working times is our strength covering Ayrshire and Renfrew districts.
Visits to other districts can willingly be arranged.
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